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Types of sheds

Generally speaking, there are many types of shed plans and shapes to choose from. Therefore, before selecting the plans for your diy project, you need to understand the implications of each alternatives and take the decision having all the aspects in mind. In this brief article, we will try to highlight the main advantages of building a shed on your own and what shape will suit your needs perfectly. Plan every aspect of you project, before choosing the gambrel shed plans that will satisfy your needs and fit your budget.

Shed roof

Shed roof

If you are a beginner, you should know that there are only certain types of lumber that could be use successfully for building a backyard shed. Therefore, the most common materials used when making a construction is the so-called pressure-treated lumber. The PT lumber is resistant to moisture and support weight without bending. In addition, the pressure-treated lumber can be  found in may sizes, so you could order the ones that will help you minimize the waste. On the other hand, installing the exterior siding is also an important step in the process, so make sure you use 5/8” grooved plywood. When it comes to building the exterior walls, this material is the most used, as it provides a great ratio between cost and benefits.

From our own experience, we can assert that finding plans and detailed blueprints is maybe the most difficult part of the project, as there are so many options to choose from. Although you also need to buy quality lumber and use the right woodworking techniques, it all starts with a set of plans. When searching on the internet for garden shed plans, you need to take into account several aspects. First of all, the plans should come with detailed instructions and images, otherwise it would be hard to follow the blueprints, especially if you are a novice when comes to carpentry. Moreover, check if the plans provide a list with all the materials needed for the construction, as well as their size and shape. Last but not least, the plans should also provide a brief cost estimate, as to decide if the project fits your budget.

Gable shed

A shed with a gable rood is maybe the most common storage construction, as it has numerous advantages. First of all, building a gable shed is straight forward and you can save time and money, as all the rafters have the exact same shape and size. In addition, the construction will be roomy enough to provide lots of storage space. If you find some good plans, you will be able to get the job done in just an weekend, with the help of a skilled friend.

Barn shed

Building a barn shed is a little more complex, but it will definitely enhance the look of any property. From our experience, a barn shed is ideal for persons that want a construction with a unique and rustic look, but in the same time are willing to spend more money with the materials. Another strong point the shape provides is that you could easily install a loft and thus increase the storage capacity of the shed. As a conclusion, a barn shed will make you garden stand out and provide lots of space, but it also requires more attention to details and a larger investment.

Saltbox shed

Gable shed

Gable shed

A shed with a saltbox roof is a good compromise between looks and utility, as it is not as common as a gable shed, but it still provides decent storage space. If you have a medium budget and a narrow backyard, you could get the job done professionally using saltbox shed plans. If you use these plans you could save some money, as you need to buy less materials, but you should remember that you won’t be able to install a loft anymore.

Building a shed in your backyard is more than just a simple diy project, is more about proving yourself that you have the capacity and the skills to undertake such a complex project by yourself. If you still aren’t decided to build one in your backyard, just image yourself over the years looking to the wooden constructions in your backyard and reformatting your accomplishment. In addition, if you have lots of garden tools or outdoor furniture, a shed will provide enough space to store them properly.