Dog house plans

Protecting your dog house from heavy rain, cold or snow is a great thing to do for your pet. If you haven’t fount the proper house for your dog or you want to undertake the project on your own, you should know that any person with basic woodworking skills can get the job done, provided several aspect are taken into account.

Small dog house plansIf you want to get the job done as a professional we recommend you to design the dog house as to fit the size of your pet. Generally speaking, your dog should have enough room to turn around and to sit properly. In addition, the dog shouldn’t be too large otherwise it will keep the cold air inside. If you have a small dog, we recommend you to use these small dog house plans.

Build the floor of the dog house from 2×4 lumber and 3/4” plywood. Secure the components tightly together, using 3” wood screws. Make sure you drill pilot holes trough the components, to prevent the wood from splitting.

Build the frame of the dog house from 2×2 lumber and attach 1/4 to 3/4” plywood to the outside to make the walls. Cut the door opening with a jigsaw, making sure it is large enough for your dog to enter the wooden box. Place the rafters, the roofing sheets and the asphalt shingles.

Building a simple dog house is easy, provided you plan everything from the very beginning. Although these preliminary steps are not the most pleasant ones, you shouldn’t overlook them as they play an essential role on the final aspect of the dog house.


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